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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are HempWorx Ingredients?

HempWorx oil is made from hemp seed oil and whole hemp extract. It comes in 500 and 700 milligram strengths.

HempWorx Reviews

Our customers give HempWorx's products 5 star reviews. See the product pages for details.

Is HempWorx Legit?

Absolutely, HempWorx is a leader in hemp products. They are our most sought after and sold brand.

The question and concern most people have has to do with the company's business model.

If you buy direct from My Daily Choice, they try to lock you into recurring subscriptions which many people don't like.

Here at Relief Organics we sell HempWorx without any subscriptions and no future commitments. This has allowed us to become your best distributor for HempWorx products.

Is it HempWorks or HempWorx?

It is HempWorx. Many people online misspell it as HempWorks or Hemp Works but the products we distribute are HempWorx.